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Industrial equipment often works with overloads that increases the risk of damage or complete failure, irrevocable damage to machines and downtime due to repairs


MAINTENEL estimates the load of varied models of industrial equipment and produces timely maintenance warnings


MAINTENEL reduces the cost of operation, maintenance and repair, increases lifespan, reduces unplanned downtime, helping to avoid unnecessary planned part replacement

Reducing Operating and Maintenance Costs of Your Equipment

Predictive Maintenance reduces repair expenses up to 3 times in operating costs and sometimes more than 10 times due to job interruptions and downtime when it is backed by a proper workload monitoring of the equipment.

Maintenel devices measure the workload of heavy equipment by counting the periods of time spent in different operation modes. On receiving this data, Maintenel Cloud allows detailed labor analysis and enforces timely preventive maintenance (PM) using predictive maintenance (PdM) features.

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